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Welcome to Elf's Corner


This is the page of Felix Fernandez, miniature-painter, architect and traductor of some roleplaying games in Spain.

My hobby are the miniatures. I paint miniatures since I was 18 (now I am 32). I also like roleplaying games like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Dungeons and Dragons. I have translate some of them for the spanish market. Click on the sections of the upper frame (those are self-explanatory)

Recent Updates

5-02-2002: new rpg section (in construction)

7-02-2002: new high elf (plastic).

14-02-2002: new undead

15-02-2002: new monster (skaven).

22-02-2002. before adding more minatures, i am changing the layout of the galleries. The orcs and hobbits section are changed now. I hope to have the great map of the Warhammer world (painting by me, 100x70 cm)  scanned for march. Wait for it!